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KochGelgenheiten — StartNext Campaign

After having been promised local funding for realising the map (see results) we decided to use the StartNext Campaign for financing the mobile cooking sites.

Due to their small size and mobility they allow for new culinary experiences in extraordinary spaces. Everyone is free to use them against a contribution to expenses. The project is about the freedom of choosing ones own cooking spot. It therefore is about reclaiming a city’s space and last but not least about joint experiences. It encourages interactive food culture in Berlin’s street and social life.

The several sites vary in type of the included hot pots. Each comes from a different culture: e.g. tajine, steamer, wok. The cooking modules each consist of several Euroboxes which are stored together on a purpose-made carriage. Every site includes a self-build cooking stove.


Cloudi – The Swing // Start Next Campaign


What is this project all about?

People are being disabled – by other people, objects, environments.

We want to abolish those barriers that are existing in our minds and environment from the early age by making a first step with our inclusive swing CLOUDI. By redesigning the play equipment ‘swing’ using different materials and form, we support a child’s physical ergonomics, strengthen the body and trigger imagination during outdoor play.

Diversity is an enrichment, thus we are aiming to encourage interaction between kids with disability and without. We are creating opportunities for all the children to engage in participative play by designing something that can be used independently from their physical constitution and composition. That way, we are able to start changing the lack of knowledge about the needs of impaired people.


What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our mission is to raise awareness about and change the negative perception of disability and develop a product so that people aren’t defined by their disablity. We found that disabiltiy is more a social phenomena. Children rarely show fears of contact and prejudice. Thus, the design of an inclusive play equipment provides an ideal opportunity to provide impact on the human mindset. CLOUDI is made to reduce psychological barriers towards people with disabilities.

The goal is to build an object for children above the age of three that can be added on every playground and is inclusive as everything else on playgrounds is usually not. A bean bag or foam structure that adapts ergonomically to the body shape will be integrated into the seat sculpture of the CLOUDI. An elastic, water proof, abrasion-proof, washable coating which appeals to the tactile senses as well as a soft but resilient filling that allows to relax and feel comfortable is included in the design concept. .

By doing this, we make visible that there are benefits for both sides, the care giver and care taker. We are enabling people to connect with each other through design.


Why would you support this project?

Our project is a step towards an inclusive society, by creating encounters between people with and without disabilities.
We believe that everyone in the society should be able to enjoy as much of their life as they can. However, people with disabilities are facing many barriers through their life, both physically and psychologically. They are in a way sorted out of the everyday life. They are in special-needs schools, sheltered workshops, care homes. This results in prejudice and fear.
The welfare state seems to has failed to provide accessibility on playgrounds. We are aiming to ensure the fundamental right of social participation to people with all kinds of impairments. So we enhance access to play by developing a play equipment: The CLOUDI swing – Inclusive by design, not by label.

Help us raising awareness about barriers disabling people and support us to reduce prejudice in society! Together, we can change society’s perspective on disability.




The Video:

Newcoemr – Start Next Campaign


We have developed an app that produces a closer contact between people. Residents and newcomers are brought together.

The app is for anyone who is new in town and not familiar. Newcomers in Berlin gain access to the city and its people in a playful way. In particular, refugees are in the app audience. As a newcomer, they must find their way in the new environment and creating contacts with local people is often difficult.

The supporters of our project will contribute to integration. If you love this idea, then support us by implementing the project.


SAY HEY on Startnext

Let’s imagine you are new to the city of Berlin. How do you decide where to hang out? How do you meet new people? The SAY HEY tag will help you to orientate and find new spots, activities together with others. And they could become your new friends.
We are convinced that also people who now the city but want to attend new kinds of meetups or learn about something new will love this easy way of connecting spontaneously.


It’s about having fun, being spontaneous and being surprised by how well interaction works – even if people never met before.


We would like to see as many SAY HEY tags as possible in Berlin, to really show the openness and kindness which is leading this international scene. People should have the freedom to decide when they are ready for new things.

But see for yourself:

SAVA / StartNext campaign


The goal of our Start Next Campaign is to raise enough money to make a Workshop with the Whole Camp at ICC Berlin.

We´re happy about any kind of support 🙂


Together with refugees we’re designing a connection system, which can be used to create and (re-) combine different types of furniture– without special skills, tools or expensive material being needed. With this help, refugees can improve their own circumstances through the creation of simple furniture e.g. space for storage or privacy, stools and so on.

The ProblemMost refugee camps in Germany are designed in the same sporadic way: Except for the bunk beds, the temporary, roofless rooms created through gypsum walls do not offer any kind of comfort or space for privacy. But designing the own direkt living space plays an fundamental role for the self-esteem. Personal Furniture therefore is fundamental. Through simple solutions and smart design we want to help refugees being able to improve their own situation.

The Idea
With our system, different kind of furniture can be easily set up, recombined and modularly extended. Simple cable ties serves as the connecting element. Refugees can thereby design their own space of living. Thereby refugees can shape their own living space within the four walls actively on their own without special skills or knowledge, or tools being needed


Why would you support this project?

Currently the refugees are improvising solutions for these problems with what they have: Screws are being unscrewed out of the walls to hang clothes and blankets are being hung around the beds to create space for retrating within the open rooms – another solution is needed.
These solutions hint at the creative potantial already existing. And we want to use it. Our modular system shall enable the refugees using this creative potential in a productive way.

If you also don’t want to just “help”, but offer refugees the ability to active self help, support our project!

The Shit Show – Start Next Campaign



The funding money for The Shit Show will be used mainly for a first exhibition in October 2016 at a public space in Berlin – a cooperation with the Studentenwerk could be a starting point. Depending on our financial means and in case the ShitShow turns out to be a success, further exhibitions at different sites and events in the future are planned.The funding money will be used for:

  • material and labour costs of producing the emotion simulators
  • graphic design of infographics, website, stickers etc
  • production cost of the giveaways
  • logistics of setting up the exhibition

Thank yous

  • different variations of our giveaways – stickers, postcards, chocolates…
  • a golden shit sculpture (possible engraved?)
  • final level: becoming the location for the first ever shit show!