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Newcoemr – Start Next Campaign


We have developed an app that produces a closer contact between people. Residents and newcomers are brought together.

The app is for anyone who is new in town and not familiar. Newcomers in Berlin gain access to the city and its people in a playful way. In particular, refugees are in the app audience. As a newcomer, they must find their way in the new environment and creating contacts with local people is often difficult.

The supporters of our project will contribute to integration. If you love this idea, then support us by implementing the project.


Newcomer – Concept

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Newcomer is especially geared towards newly arrived refugees and allows every user to experience Berlin and getting to know the welcoming Berliners in a treasure-hunt like way! The foreign environment can be playfully explored, new relationships can be forged with locals and, over a period of time, a sense of inclusion and home will hopefully be created.

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Newcomer – Research

When people arrive at a new place without knowing anyone, exploring and connecting to others can be quite difficult and scary. Although this is the case for most people on the move, it is especially true for refugees. Required to cope with a completely new and foreign environment, a prolonged unclear and undefined residential status prevents refugees from feeling settled. This time spent in limbo often takes months and prevents the newly arrived from becoming active, easing into their new reality and feeling less isolated. For our project we interviewed numerous refugees and talked about the problems and difficulties they encounter every day. In order to help ease everyday problems ranging from having little to no contact with locals to missing a favorite spot, landmark or cafe we decided to put our heads together.

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