KochGelegenheiten — prototyping

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While developing the cooking sites, we had several things in mind. To name a few: First we wanted the sites to be small and functional to guarantee mobility. As many people as possible should be able to use them, regardless of their age, income, cultural background or whatsoever. The included cooking stove should be smoke-free to allow for a harmless usage. In order to achieve those self-set goals, we e.g. went through many YouTube tutorials on self-build stoves, we spent a lot of time in the metal workshop redesigning the stove over and over again and also building the carriage, we had fun testing the various prototypes (e.g. stoves, hot pots) of which some worked out better than others, had a look at different locations that could serve as a base for renting out the sites and last but not least talked to a lot of local initiatives in order to ask them if they would be willing to let other people use their kitchens.



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