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Visit the Blind Museum

#1       Playing a board game blindfolded.

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#2       Creating Braille on a board.

Version 2    Version 2

#3       Creating Braille on a typewriter.

Version 2

#4       Mr. Jürgen Lubnau and Christine reading Harry Potter* together.

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* The complete Harry Potter series, which consists of 7 books in text, needs 35 copies of what Mr. Lubnau is using if translated in Braille.

(Researchers at the University of Michigan are developing a Braille e-reader that looks like Kindle.



#5       Mr. Lubnau shows us how he uses an iPhone app to tell which American dollar bill he is holding.

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#6       Mr. Lubnau shows us how he uses a reader** to navigate on computer.

thumb_IMG_5870_1024 2    Version 2

** Existing computer screen readers are very expensive. The price of a single-line reader starts from ¢2,600 and a full-page one would cost around ¢50,000

#7       For KIDS learning the Braille font. Interesting in terms of perception

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Version 2