Research – Should you better use the main entrance or the back door?

Getting the needed Information for a human centred design isn´t always the easiest. My group and I got to feel the difficulty of finding detailed Information in the field of needs in refugee camps arround Berlin.

By the use of the front door I mean going to camps around Berlin, asking for permission to do some Interviews. Doing that we often were rejected or asked to contact the responables via mail. This was not the most effective way, even though we could have reached a lot of camp-residents. On other channels by aking the people arround us we managed to reach some people with with a closer connection. For example some Woman doing the food output regularly in the camp in Moabit or someone from Guinea who is -as a refugee- very familiar with the problems they are facing.

Waiting for permission the official way makes you standing still. Find the backdoors of your topic and you will find answers. This worked at least for us.

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