Easy assembling: First prototypes

We feel the answer to our problem lies in establishing and expanding the Concept, that the people who live in Camps get involved in the daily happenings and motivate them to do what they can do best. During our research we always had the feeling that people were motivated and happy to get active and do something.

Our plan to help people improving their living situation by building their own furniture is a first step in that direction. It would be ideal to build up a workshop with actual tools and find a supervisor (there surely is a carpenter under the refugees who could take that role).
For now we will continue on finding a solution for a modular system for which you don’t need tools or professional skills, so everyone can do it .


These are the first Prototypes: Easy assembling furniture, tied together with cable ties. three Products: A Box to hang on the Beds for private stuff, a chair that, if you turn it on its side, can also be used as a part of a shelf.

IMG_0729IMG_0735 IMG_0732  IMG_0737

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