It's a good feeling to know you are doing something good... but in the face of some confirmations, you are left wonder where all went wrong before you started...



Research with Disadvantaged, Vulnerable and/or Marginalized Adolescents

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Volunteers tailor Ubuntu Linux to UK’s health service

Nicola; David
I am growing more and more curious about what will the effect on the market be of the new EU data regulation

The OpenCare conversation network as it looks today. The first picture shows it all; the second one, the general discussion; the third one is the Open Insulin coordination group; the fourth one, the OpenVillage coordination group.

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Anette; Raffaele
Download immunology clinical trials (open data) at @ImmPortDB: 200+ studies, and free accounts!


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Are you a #Maker? Apply now! #opencare #wemake #scimpulse

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Meet #rehub glove - the open source rehabilitator #opencare

Use of complementary and alternative medicine in cancer patients: a European survey. (A conservative estimate?) 36%

Salvo; Emanuele

How do we reach and empower people in those areas?

FYI Giovanni

Mara; Salvo


Ironically, #RareDiseases are quite abundant. What can we learn from the 4% of rare diseases that do have treatment?

Salvo, David
Statistics illiteracy renders the ‘‘informed’’ in informed shared decision making obsolete.

Telling people their privacy is at risk is ineffective, showing them the consequences works very well though!

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Have you imagined alternatives for better medical and social care? Are you involved with care related initiatives in your community? Or, maybe you have open source or DIY solutions for patients or caregivers? We want to hear from you!

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Crowdfunding for medical care: no shortage of ethical and legal concerns

CALL FOR MAKERS - opencare Maker in Residence

Please, do tweet at conferences...

At times it would seem that this doctor thing is not too difficult...

The opencare Maker in Residence is now open! If you are a maker, an artist, a designer, a coder, a tinkerer... or you are a team working on open source and care-related concept or project, apply now!

"When it seems like people are voting against their interests, I have probably failed to understand their interests."